Apex, NC: A Small Town with Big City Style

by > Saturday, 05 July 2014 > Published in Apex NC Real Estate

Located in the Raleigh-Durham metroplex, Apex, North Carolina has just the right blend of small town charm and city conveniences. With controlled growth and a commitment to preserving the charming Southern character of the town, Apex’s government is progressive without being intrusive. Named the “14th best place to live in the USA” by Money Magazine, Apex also has a strong and stable economic infrastructure that draws residents from all over the state. The Apex real estate market is vibrant and varied.

Although Apex is progressive, the town hasn’t forgotten its roots. With a revitalized downtown area that’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Apex pays homage to its humble beginnings as a railroad town. Development in Apex is thoughtfully guided by a respect for the environment that’s carefully balanced to ensure a stable economy and sense of community. Real estate in Apex, North Carolina affordable. Property values have appreciated nearly 190% since 1990. Over 96% of the area’s residents have completed high school and almost 60% are college graduates, making for a stable and well-educated work force.

The climate in Apex is mild. In January, expect an average of about 40° and 78° in July. The average rainfall is about 45 inches and the snowfall is minimal at 7 inches. No city, town, employment center or location in the Research Triangle area is farther than about 25 minutes away from Apex. Apex also has plenty of parks, recreational facilities and attractions. The Jordan Lake State Recreation Area offers camping, fishing and swimming and other recreational activities. For history buffs, there’s the Maynard-Pearson house, a vintage 1870s residence that contains a museum of rural living and is home to the Apex Historical Society.

For those who desire a small town ambience without giving up modern amenities, the town of Apex is an excellent choice.