Charleston Village


The houses in Charleston Village are available in the Price range of $200,000 to 380,000.  There are over 300 Single family residences in this Charleston Village.

Started in 1995, this neighborhood is host to about 300 single famiy homes. There are many custom build houses along with the regular builder designed ones in Charleston Village. The general facilities along include a swimming pool and lots of green patches. A house in Charleston Village area is a value buy since most of the areas surrounding Apex elsewhere are priced at anywhere between $400,000 and $700,000 for a similar property.
People residing in Charleston Village really love the place because it offers them best of both the worlds, while on side it offers them a small town charm, on the other side you are never too far from the fast and modern city life of Apex. Below are some of the things that the locals have to say about Charleston Village and why they just love the place.

Easy access to almost every major road that connects the major cities and town in the region. Great vacation or weekend trip location, a beach and mountains is just a couple of hours from Charleston Village. Some of the best schools in the entire Wake County are in Charleston Village. Shopping centers, restaurants, pubs, movie theaters etc are all at just the optimal distance to maintain the peace of the neighborhood.

Charleston Village is ideally placed for all those who have to travel regularly to Apex, Cary or Research Triangle Park. There are many houses in Charleston Village but make sure you check the age of the house because there are quite a few old ones too around the place.
Further information about Charleston Village is available on the Charleston Village HOA page.

Location – A few block off Holt Rd. and Jenks Carpenter. 


Charleston Village Homes currently for Sale: