Cary , NC has some markets that are fairly tight, especially in the 180k to 300k price range. Following a few easy tips will help to ensure that you will get your dream home, even in the tight market of today. These tips include: • Before you starting looking for homes, get pre-qualified for a

When looking for a home inspector it is best to be prepared with questions that you want to ask them.  You want to make sure that they are qualified to do the job right.  Home inspections are necessary for the purchase of the house, as well as deciding the price so you want to make

1. Real estate transactions can be very complicated.  There is a lot of paperwork involved that you may not have knowledge of such as disclosure forms, inspection reports, insurance policies, deeds, mortgage documents, and multi-page government mandated settlement statements. A realtor can be a very knowledgeable guide to avoid the complexity of all these transactions. 

1. Do not be unrealistic.  No home is perfect but that doesn’t mean you can’t get most of what you want.  2. Decide what features you are looking for in a home before you start looking.  Convey this to the agent that is helping you to avoid seeing homes you are not interested in.  3.