If you’re looking for a home in North Carolina, be sure to consider the charming town of Morrisville. The Morrisville real estate market is vibrant and varied, so there’s sure to be a perfect home for your preferences and budget. Morrisville is centrally located and convenient to population centers like Raleigh (about 12 miles away),

Fact #1: Real estate trends in NC are not linked to the downward trends that have been reported in other areas of the country. According to the NC Association of Realtors, “all real estate is local,” so prospective buyers and sellers should not be swayed by “national” trends. Rather, they should study the NC real estate trends,

Apex, North Carolina is a great place to live and work. Centrally located in the well-known and highly sought-after Raleigh-Durham metropolitan area, neighborhoods in Apex feature beautiful homes in a variety of newly developed or well-established areas. Here’s some brief information about three of the most popular Apex neighborhoods. Sunset Hills is a beautiful development with spacious lots

Real estate trends can be tricky to predict. Although such trends are often responsible for significant market changes, the number of factors that contribute to real estate market behavior often makes trends difficult to analyze and predict. However, there are some baseline trends in real estate that are so strong that they merit a closer look.

There’s a remarkable range of Raleigh neighborhoods that offer virtually every type of lifestyle a resident could want. The city of Raleigh is the anchor in the region with a population of about 300,000. Also called the Triangle, the eight county area surrounding Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill boasts a population of about 1.5 million.

 February 16, 2009 Charles McMillan, the President of the National Association of Realtors, released the following statement: “So here’s what we have achieved:The loan limits will be raised to $727,000 in high cost areas.The tax credit will be raised to $8,000 with NO payback [a true credit]. Interest rates have come down 125-150 basis points.

Home-loan applications dropped by approximately 25%, the lowest in the last eight years. A trade group survey reported that this situation coincided with home buyers looking for improved mortgage deals and government help. The index of applications for Mortgage Bankers Association’s property purchase also saw a slump. Property buyers have deferred their plans of purchasing