Windward Pointe

Windward Pointe is often referred to as the ‘older boy’ of the neighborhood because it is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Holly Springs. The residents here say that they are simply in love with the neighborhood not because it is the oldest one but because of the tall trees and tree lined lanes. They like to live in Windward Pointe because it has a quiet and peaceful atmosphere but they are never too far from the city life. At Windward Pointe you are never too far from grocery stores, blockbuster DVD rental store, Pizza Joints, bars and restaurants.

Windward_Pointe Holly Springs, NCThe neighborhood of Windward Pointe has 156 homes in all and 12 lanes. You can also find information about Windward Pointe on There are several parks in and around Windward neighborhood for the kids and those who just want to take a stroll in fresh air. There’s even a cultural centre and library, Holly Springs Cultural center and Holly Springs Library, just a mile away from Windward Pointe.

The main street in Windward Pointe is Cayman Avenue and is the centre of all activity. The street is home to community Swimming pool, Volleyball and all other community gatherings. During the evening of summer months you’ll always find residents of Windward Pointe playing volleyball near the swimming pool and having a gala time.

Windward_PointeWindard Pointe has set down restrictive covenants which protect the interests of all the residents of the community and a copy of the same can be downloaded from the website All homeowners of Windward Pointe share the annual maintenance cost of $388 billed quarterly.
There are several schools in close vicinity like Holly Springs Elementary which is located right on Cayman Avenue. Other schools in the area include Holly Ridge Elementary, Holly Ridge Middle School and Holly Springs High School.

The neighborhood is located close to the place where HWY55 and Holly Springs Rd meet, North of Holly Springs.


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