Breckenridge feels so much like home. The moment you enter this neighborhood in Morrisville you’ll be reminded of those good ‘ol days of your childhood. Open spaces, happy people, tree lined streets and flowering shrubs all along the way to estate like houses. It’s a natural beauty that will just captivate you forever.

Breckenridge offers three designs in single family homes to choose from. All these designs have a few things in common. They are all two storey houses with 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and garage for two cars. There’s even more, the height of the ceiling on the first floor is 9feet and you can get your kitchen custom designed.

Every single home in Breckenridge is gas heated and also has a fireplace to keep you and your loved ones warm during the winter evenings. Homes in Breckenridge also offer beautiful master suites with huge walk-in wardrobes and master bathrooms with soaking tubs, beautifully carved marble wash basin and separate shower area.

Breckenridge is located very close to Raleigh-Durham airport which right in the center of Morrisville. Colleges like Apex School of Theology and ECPI Technical College are just a few mionutes drive from Breckenridge. The houses in this neighborhood are up for sale upwards of $300,000. The area of the houses varies from 2400 sq ft to 2900 sq ft.

To reach Breckenridge from Morrisville, you’ll have to get off from I-440 towards Wade Avenue West. From there drive uptil 40 west and then till Airport Boulevard exit 284west. From there take a right turn which will take you to Chapel Hill Rd. One you have reached Chapel Hill rd, take a left turn towards McCrimmons Parkway and then take a right turn into Davis Drive. A few meters and you’ll see Breckenridge onto your left.


Breckenridge Houses currently for Sale: