Downing Glen

Downing Glen HomeDowning Glen is one of the simplest neighborhoods of Morrisville. Most of the houses are more or less of the same color and elevation. Most homes have one garage and the size varies anywhere between 1500 sq ft and 2000 sq ft. While the houses in Downing Glen have little fancy stuff attached to them the construction quality and the material used often beat even the so called ‘best neighborhoods’ in Morrisville. The residents are quite happy with the construction quality and say that they have rarely ever faced any problems in the house.
Downing Glen has a very dynamic environment because most of the houses here are on rent and every now and then some new family arrives in the neighborhood bringing in something new with them. Downing Glen is now no longer a tree-less community. The efforts of the residents have helped now Downing Glen in Morrisville, NCmake the bare streets tree lined. Downing Glen is one of the few neighborhoods that have a very insignificant crime record in comparison with other such neighborhoods across the country where most of the houses are on rent. Well, the entire scene is helped by the fact that a polic station is just half a mile away.

The people in Downing Glen are very friendly and you’ll always find lots of kids playing in the streets or community swimming pool. The airport too is really close and you can often see planes flying right over Downing Glen. Morrisville developed very recently as a city and therefore the crime in some of the areas is on the rise. You’ll find quite a few people who moved from North Morrisville to Downing Glen to avoid all that.

There are lots of good schools in and around Downing Glen and almost everything that you could ask for in your everyday life is just a few minute drive away. It is close to RTP and if you happen to visit Downing Glen, do drop in at this Indian restaurant called ‘Saffron’.


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