Park Village neighborhood life

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I’ve lived in park village in Cary NC for 10 years now. Its been a wonderful home for me, why? First the homes for sale there are quite reasonable. Prices range form 210k to 360k. At the time of this writing, there are 7 homes for sale

Second, I love all the trails, ponds, and lakes. I cant tell you what a luxury its been to walk out my back door and hop on a wooded trail with my dog. We have enough forest to ourselves that I can let Buddha off hi leash and let him get some extra exercise chasing squirrels and smelling all those fascinating odors of the forest.

The people/neighbor are great too, except a couple of neighbors who let their dogs bark too much, Arrg!. 😐 And one of the biggest reasons to love the place, best schools in Wake county! Ya, the best! Both my daughters attended the Davis drive elem and Davis drive middle

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