HedinghamLocated on roughly 600 acres of land and just 3miles from downtown Raleigh, this golfing community with Tennis courts and private swimming pool is none other than Hedingham.
Now, how many neighborhoods in Raleigh can boast of having a golf course? And that too, a proper championship standard, 18 hole golf course. And the best part is yet to come. The access to this golf course is absolutely free for the residents of Hedingham. So if you are a golf lover, then believe me, there’s no better place for you in all of Raleigh than Hedingham.

Hedingham HouseHedingham is a beautiful neighborhood with walking trails, lakes, parks for the kids and a huge golf course for their papas and grandpas. The prices in Hedingham have still not shot up like the nearby neighborhoods and that is what makes it a good buy Hedingham- Golfbecause the prices here too would go up as soon as some more development takes place in the vicinity. The schools have been getting better over the last few years and that makes Hedingham a good place to live in if you have small kids at home.

Hedingham has its own swimming pool, tennis courts and a fitness center. The golf course here was built by David Postlethwait in 1991. The membership type here is semi private and invitation fees can be as high as $5000.

The houses in Hedingham are still quite decently priced and begin anywhere from $150,000 for a two bedroom single family house. Easy access from all major roads and interstate highways makes Hedingham a really desirable place to live in.



Contact Information:
HOA: CAS 919-231-9050
Rentals: Bev Roberts 919-306-5665
Sales: Michael McLaughlin 919-741-1441


Hedingham homes for sale: