Boylan Heights

Boylan HeightsPlaced just a few minutes from downtown Raleigh, Boylan Heights perhaps enjoys the city’s skyline’s best view. Established long long back in 1907 on a land owned by William Montfort Boylan, plantation owner Boylan Heights is definitely like the Old but wise boy on the block. Boylan’s House, a pre civil war mansion is still a part of Boylan Heights.

The development of 1907 i.e. of converting the plantation into residential lots was an instant hit. The first 7 years saw nearly 60 new families settling in Boylan Heights. Almost every home now in Boylan House is at least 80 years old. The houses here are sprawling and have that typical bungalow feel. To add to the pride of the residents here, Boylan Heights was the very first neighborhood to have curvilinear roads.

Boylan Heights is a great place to live in. The residents are friendly and there are Boylan Heights-Homelots of mini-carnivals held all through the year in Boylan Heights where people from all age groups participate very enthusiastically.

Boylan Heights has the distinction of being one of the earliest suburbs of the 20th century. This Hilly and Wooded neighborhood with beautiful and breathtaking old homes right on the edge of the city offers the best of both the worlds – small town and city life. There can’t be a better place to live in Raleigh.


Contact Information:
HOA: Boylan Heights 919-828-1474
Rentals: Bev Roberts 919-306-5665
Sales: Michael McLaughlin 919-741-1441


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