College Park

College ParkWell, College Park is not like any other neighborhood in Raleigh. It is very old and I am afraid to say that in parts, tattered. Well that is very much understandable though. Most of the houses are anywhere between 50 to 90 years old. Yeah, you read it right. There are all pretty old and need some repair only because they have seen far seasons than they were built for.

College Park, built in 1920, was mostly occupied by professor’s teaching at the beautiful St Aug’s college. But of late very few of them are seen around. Due to the age of the houses, the rentals are really low. But there are quite a few well maintained and self owned houses too in the neighborhood.

In fact there are quite a few residents who have been staying here for decades now and really love College Park. There are a few youngsters moving in too and taking advantage of the really down to earth prices here in College Park. What I love most about College Park are the trees. They are Gigantic and almost a century old. It really amazes me every time I see those silent giants.

College Park is a place that will definitely take you back in time because I am sure that there is no other neighborhood in Raleigh where you’ll find a man driving around and selling vegetables. And I am doubly sure that you would have never spotted a man selling ice cream from the back of his truck in Raleigh playing oldies on his loudspeaker.
And where else in Raleigh will you get to hear chimes every hour? Every fall you can see the entire neighborhood out on the streets witnessing and celebrating the homecoming parade marching through the streets of College Park. There are several other activities that take place in College Park round the year. There’s also a HOA which looks after the neighborhood.

Well, the blot on the fabric of College Park is the crime rate. I will not call it alarming. While the day time is pretty safe, I wouldn’t really suggest anyone to venture out at night, especially into unknown blocks.

With a little bit of repair work, maintenance and city’s help College Park can be converted into one of the most sought after neighborhoods. After all, it is close to the shopping centers, downtown Raleigh, stores, and even hospital. There are also some good schools in the vicinity.

I have heard that City of Raleigh has decided to set up a team which will fix up the houses or tear them down to make way for fresh construction. In fact there are even grants for low income group people who buy house in College Park.


Contact Information:
HOA: none
Rentals: Bev Roberts 919-306-5665
Sales: Michael McLaughlin 919-741-1441


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