Five Points

Five PointsFive points is quite like University Park and is not an individual neighborhood but a group of neighborhoods. But the issue with Five Points is that its borders are not well defined in contrast with University Park’s extremely well defined borders. Most of the people living here define it not by its edges but the center.

It is at the intersection of Whitaker Mill, Fairview and Glenwood Avenue that Five Points coalesces into the neighborhood. No one can clearly define Five Point’s permeation into the nearby neighborhoods and it depends more or less on how you see it.

Neighborhoods like Five Points are the brainchild of the progressive reformers of the city of Raleigh. Neighborhoods like Five Points and University Parks were established as a part of a very important and well thought out planning movement in the 1920’s. These houses were established keeping in view the need for simple yet modern and efficient lifestyle for the dwellers of Raleigh. These suburban neighborhoods were like a wave of fresh air and showed a new way of living in well planned, efficient neighborhoods away from the hustle and bustle of the city and its madness.

Five Points - Raleigh, NCThe fantastic location of Five Points has attracted several young couples and first time home buyers to it. With just a few minute drive to downtown Raleigh, US70 and I540 and several restaurants and bars, what else can you ask for from a neighborhood?
The prices of these different yet very pleasant designer houses in Five Points can be anywhere in the region of $400,000 to $1,000,000. But at these prices there are very few people who can even think of buying a house here in Five Points. And you better hurry because the prices may spike here anytime.



Contact Information:
HOA: Five Points Village 919-856-9148
Rentals: Bev Roberts 919-306-5665
Sales: Michael McLaughlin 919-741-1441

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