Glenwood South

Glenwood-SouthIf there is one place in Raleigh which offers everything for everyone then it is Glenwood South. It is a place which offers everything and not just something for everyone. With several jazz clubs, sidewalk cafes, dance clubs, cigar bars, old styles pubs and much more, life at Glenwood South never stops, no matter what time of the day. And if you like fine dining then you can check out 518 West, Vin or the ever popular Sullivan’s. These restaurants and bars offer just about everything that one can ask for from a world class chef.

Even after years of establishment, Glenwood south has remained a hot property not just for those looking for a house to live here but even for those who intend to start a commercial enterprise. This has ensures that the price of properties at Glenwood South never falls and gives a consistent return on investment.

The daytime gives good business to all the antique stores and boutiques that are very popular in the area. There are also Spas and salons here in Glenwood South for those seeking some relaxation and rejuvenation.

Glenwood-South - Raleigh, NCPeople working in Raleigh have always loved to have a home in Glenwood South. There are several projects just a few blocks away from Glenwood South including 3 condominium projects which are in their initial stages and others that wre made fully functional about a year back.

The mixed land use of Glenwood South attracts a lot of quality stores and ensure that one or the other interesting activity keeps the neighborhood abuzz. The prices have been seeing an uptrend ever since the uptown condominiums were constructed at 510 Glenwood.


Glenwood South homes for sale: