Hayes Barton

Hayes-BartonThe five decades after the world war 1 saw the second wave of development of the suburban area around Raleigh. Several New neighborhoods were developed and one of the most distinguished amongst them was Hayes Barton.

Hayes barton is also a part of the Five Points neighborhood and is located in the Hayes Barton Historic District. The landscaping and designing work for Hayes Barton was done by Earle Sumner Draper and the neighborhood was developed by Fairview Realty Company.

While in the initial phase Draper spent most of his time in designing the new style single family suburban houses, he later also devoted his time towards the development of golf fairways. This was what actually gave Hayes Barton the uptown feel. It also ensured that Hayes Barton was a neighborhood where middle class and upper middle class people would live in the same neighborhood. Draper also later designed some of the most widespread open spaces, parks.

Hayes-Barton - Raleigh, NCHayes Barton was constructed in such a fashion that it allowed for the roads to merge with the contour of the land and therefore give way to small parks here and there. The streets in Hayes Barton are still named on the previous land owners and the former governors of North Carolina. Williamson and Cowper were the former land owners where Hayes Barton is now located. Streets are also named like Vance St, Stone St, Reid St and Jarvis St, all of whom are former governors of North Carolina.

A wide range of designs are found in the houses at Hayes Barton. But I found most of the houses to be influenced by one or the other European styles. There are some splendid Spanish architecture inspired houses and there are others that derive their inspiration from Tudor, French, English etc. Several famous architects of Raleigh were contracted to prepare the designs of the houses at Hayes Barton.



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