Historic Oakwood

Historic-OakwoodThe name is very apt. Historic Oakwood really is historic and located right on the edge of downtown Raleigh. Historic Oakwood is a neighborhood with hundreds of homes, each one built in a different style of architecture. This mélange of designs is what gives Historic Oakwood its real beauty and distinguishes it from the rest of the neighborhoods in Raleigh.
But being more than a century old, some of the houses need renovation not just from inside but even from outside. Many houses have been identified and some of them have already been restored to their original beauty, albeit with a lot of painstaking effort.

Many of the residents in Historic Oakwood have been here for decades and have become avid gardeners. This is one of the reasons why you’ll find not just tree lined roads but even beautiful private gardens here in Historic Oakwood. The tree lined streets extend an invitation to take a walk and most of the visitors here prefer to walk even in the middle of the afternoon than drive around to take a tour of the neighborhood. Also, a walking tour pamphlet can be obtained at the Capitol Area Visitor’s Center (click here for more information).

Historic-Oakwood - Raleigh, NCOakwood is also know for the Candlelight tour organized each year in the month of December where the general public is given a chance to take a peek into some of the best designed and select homes. Apart from this, the garden lovers of Historic Oakwood are given a chance each year to showcase their talent at annual Garden Tour.

Historic Oakwood was initially a part Henry Mordecai’s plantation. In the year 1867 he gave a away a piece of his land to be used as cemetery. This cemetery later became Oakwood cemetery. Historic Oakwood derives its name from the name of this cemetery.

There were just a handful of houses in 1872 when the neighborhood was established but the number shot up to 50 in a decade when it became a prized property and home to some of the better known people in Raleigh. Historic Oakwood also is the only neighborhood left intact from that era. And this too was possible only because of the efforts of the residents to prevent it and the old houses from crumbling down to the ground. But undoubtedly, Historic Oakwood is the best to place to live in Raleigh.



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