The Mordecai House is the oldest residence in Raleigh on its original foundationMordecai house - Present Day


Mordecai is by far the oldest neighborhood in all of Raleigh and derives its name from the plantation which stood here long back. Mordecai family had a huge plantation, in fact the biggest plantation in the area during the 1800’s. In fact you’ll also find that several trees here are nearly two centuries old now.

Mordecai was developed in the years after the first world war when all of America was witnessing a building boom. Most of the streets are named on the variety of trees found in Mordecai and the area surrounding the neighborhood.

Mordecai - Raleigh, NCMordecai house, unarguably the oldest house in all of Raleigh stands right in the middle of the neighborhood and is a not to be missed site if you are on trip to Raleigh. The most amazing part of this house is that it still stands tall on the same foundation on which it was built more than 220 years ago. Another center of attraction at Mordecai is the Mordecai Historic Park which encompasses several buildings of the bygone era like the Bager-Iredell Office, St Marks Chapel and the birthplace of the 17th president of United States of America, Andrew Johnson.

This neighborhood has a different air to it. It is not like any other neighborhood in Raleigh and in spite of the fact that some of the houses badly need repair and maintenance, Mordecai is enough to make anyone fall in love with it. And the facts and the stories associated with the Mordecai family and plantations never cease to end. In fact I recently found out that it was the son of the Mordecai plantation’s owner who gave 1000 acres of land in the year 1782 to the state of North Carolina to build its new capital city, Raleigh.
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