Whitehart is a beautiful neighborhood located in Wake County and just off Wheeler Road. The neighborhood was established in 1998 and the work was quickly done in 4 phases. The final phase got completed in 2002. Whitehart is home to not just 168 homes but also a clubhouse, a huge swimming pool, couple of fishing ponds and lots and lots of natural beauty. To add to this is the friendly environment at Whitehart which really keeps the neighborhood together.

Whitehart - Raleigh, NCThe houses in whitehart can cost you anywhere between $350,000 and $500,000. The area where Whitehart is located has seen some spikes in the property prices in the last few months and most of the people in the area are expecting the prices to go up further because Whitehart enjoys a superb location as compared to other neighborhoods in the area. Whitehart is conveniently located to major interstate highways which makes it easy to travel to anywhere in the triangle region. Shopping centers, restaurants, pubs, medical facilities and schools are all just a few minutes away from Whitehart.

Whitehart is located at the intersection of Graham Newton Rd and 1010.


Contact Information:
HOA: PPM 919-848-4911
Rentals: Bev Roberts 919-306-5665
Sales: Michael McLaughlin 919-741-1441


Whitehart homes for sale: