Selling Your Home? The Importance of Staging

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When you put your home on the market, there are a number of important factors to consider. One of the keys to a quick and successful sale is to insure your home is staged in a way that makes it very appealing to prospective buyers. Here are a few tips.

Reasons to Stage Your Property

Try to see through the buyer’s eyes. If your home is visually unappealing and messy, as well as cluttered with too many furnishings and too much furniture, chances are buyers won’t give it a second thought.  Key issues to address when staging include patching cracks in the walls, cleaning and polishing floors and updating the lighting and colors, , says Roofs By Rodger.  Be sure to clear clutter and check for unpleasant odors. What you’re aiming for is to make your home feel warm and inviting.

See It From the Buyer’s Point of View

There’s a good chance that a buyer will be turned off by a house like the one described above. In fact, even though buyers may not be able to cite a list of issues that are off-putting, the fact remains that a combination of factors like unappealing colors, drab furniture and a clutter of personal possessions can combine to create a highly negative impression of your home. When a property is cluttered and chaotic, buyers tend not to see anything positive.

About Market Conditions

When getting your home ready to sell, there are two basic rules to follow. First, price it correctly and competitively, and make sure its appearance is flawless. Never ignore the psychological component of a buyer’s reaction to the property. What you’re aiming for is to grab attention and make prospective buyers see the house as somewhere they would like to live. In other words, they’re able to imagine it as their home.

With these hints in mind, you and your real estate agent should be able to do a great job staging your home.

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