The name Wake Forest has become mostly associated with the university having the same name, mostly for people staying outside the Triangle. However, the Wake Forest that has been drawing attention of many dates back to as early as the initial phase of the 19th century. Located just a couple of miles north of Raleigh, this town is blessed with serenity on the one hand and academic excellence on the other. Testimony to this is the presence of prestigious schools like Wake Forest Academy for Boys that grew from strength to strength after its foundation in 1820. This town also houses Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary which has over 2000 registered students, making it an educational institution of repute. Although education remains a special point of attraction to Wake Forest, there are other reasons contributing to its popularity as well. Availability of land at reasonable price and the town’s geographical closeness to Raleigh are few such reasons.

Like other growing towns, Wake Forest also promises prosperity to its residents in the form of job and business opportunities. More and more industries and commercial centers are opening up bringing in a deluge of offers. But this shouldn’t put you away if you are looking some real fun, entertainment, and relaxation at Wake Forest. The town has rich bookstores; fascinating hangout places like Olde English Tea Room etc. And if you love to pamper your taste buds then you can’t afford to miss out Shorty’s Famous Hot Dogs. Wake Forest is also a wonderful place for family entertainment with the presence of the famous Triangle Metro Zoo housing a wide variety of species. There are other places of tourist interest as well like the Smith Creek Soccer Center, J.B. Flaherty Park etc. You can also participate in the various festivals. Wake Forest, thus, allows you to enjoy the best of nature along with the most of city life, thereby enriching your stay here.